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Once Upon a Time Crossover Art

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These were made for a crossover challenge at onceuponaland. Click for larger versions.

Once Upon a Time and Pirates of the Caribbean Wallpaper

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Loki 2

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Captain Hook

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Why does Hook have to be so hot? I do not need another crush! ughhghg

Ripper Street: Homer & Susan Music Video

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I wish there was more fandom stuff online about Ripper Street, especially muisc videos. But I did find this Homer/Susan one that I really like:

This one is also good!

Ripper Street: Captain Jackson

Tom BW
I just started watching Ripper Street on BBC America, and now I have new crush: Capt. Homer Jackson. I don't really find the actor that attractive, but when he's in character, he is awesome!

He's the type of guy who will get drunk, spend the night in a gutter, and then "forensicate" himself the next day to figure out where he was. :) Reminds me a bit of Sherlock Holmes, just more roguish and improper. And American. :)

The series is only 8 episodes long, and season 2 doesn't start airing until next year! I am so glad US shows don't pull that crap.

I Love Norman Reedus

daryl dixon - blue
Norman tweeted a video I made. Not sure how he found it, but 200,000 people now know that he thinks I'm crazy! But I figure that I'm in good company, because his fans are pretty nuts. :) And the 3 x's are kisses, right? :D

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Elf Boy

I know he'll probably only have a few short scenes in The Hobbit, but I must admit that I'm most looking forward to seeing Legolas again.




Happy Birthday shadadukal!!

Avengersland and Loki Art

avengers_land is a landcomm community based around the Avengers movie.

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